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Hotel a Murcia


Known as Europe's Vegetable Garden, Murcia is one of the Spanish Mediterranean coast's calmest destinations. Founded in the 9th century by Abderraman II, the city has been influenced by the huge Islamic and Christian heritage that surrounds it ever since. By booking one of our hotels in Murcia, we will get closer to an incomparable location to enjoy a visit to the city.

What to visit?

In the city of Murcia there are many remains from its Arab period, such as the wall, whose construction was ordered by Abderraman II, or the Almunia Real, the Arab royal family's second residence. In the Museo de Santa Clara, not far, there is a great collection of remains and tools, which were used during that time.

We will walk towards the old town, from our stay in one of the hotels in Murcia, whose streets are named after the professions its inhabitants used to have in the Middle Ages. In this historic district you will see the Palacio Episcopal (18th century), with its Rococo façade and its courtyard of churrigueresque influence, and the Cathedral, built in the 14th century, famous for its blend of different architectural styles, its Baroque façade, and its 92m high tower. It is also worth it to stop and visit the Iglesia de la Merced (16th century), the Convento de Santa Ana or the Iglesia de Santo Domingo.

We walk on around the city and its architectural footprints. Our feet will take us to the Neoclassicism, present in Murcia's Town Hall, the Casino and Romea theatre. The areas of Plaza de las Flores (Flowers Square) or San Pedro and Santa Catalina quarters are some of the city's most unique and beautiful places. If we continue walking to the Malecón, we will be in the place where city and vegetable garden come together.

If we still have some time left, after resting in one of the hotels in Murcia, we can finish our walking tour around the city by visiting the Museo Arqueológico, the Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes, or the Museo Catedralicio.

What to eat?

Murcia's vegetable gardens provide the main products that make its local gastronomy. In every hotel in Murcia you will be able to enjoy a 'pisto huertano' (some kind of ratatouille), a chickpea stew or a 'zarangollo' (scrambled eggs with zucchini, onion, and potatoes), some of Murcia's local specialties. These should be accompanied by a red wine from Bullas, Yecla and Jumilla D.O.

Catalonia Conde de Floridablanca **** A partire da 44 €

Hotel Catalonia Conde de Floridablanca en Murcia

Vicino al giardino di Floridablanca e a due passi dal centro storico della città troviamo questo attraente hotel. Le installazioni sono state recentemente rinnovate per poter essere adattate alle esigenze della nostra clientela. Grazie alla felice posizione è il posto migliore per andare alla scoperta della città di Murcia, percorrerne i vicoli e gustare la cucina tradizionale. È dotato, inoltre, di un ristorante, 3 sale per riunioni e palestra.

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